📣Announcement of the selected projects for 2024 paediatric brain tumour call📣

We are thrilled to announce the selection of 8 fantastic research projects and that FIGHT KIDS CANCER 2025 funding target of 10 million Euros has already been reached in 2024!

This year, 38 letters of interest’ applications were reviewed by a team of independent reviewers with the assistance of the European Science Foundation, our independent programme coordinator.

In December 2023, FIGHT KIDS CANCER Programme Committee invited 22 candidates to submit a full application.

In May 2024, FIGHT KIDS CANCER Programme Committee has selected 2 clinical trials and 6 translational research projects for a total of more than 10,7 million Euros.

The selection is based on 3 criteria:

➡ Impact for patients
➡ Scientific Excellence
➡ Innovation

Follow us and check our website to know more about the selected project : FIGHT KIDS CANCER

FIGHT KIDS CANCER funders for this call are :
KiKa in the Netherlands
Imagine for Margo in France
KickCancer in Belgium
Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner in Luxembourg
Cris Cancer foundation in Spain and the United Kingdom


Programme support and management is provided by the European Science Foundation, which is the intermediary with the funding organisations.

For further information about this announcement of opportunity please contact Fight Kids Cancer at ESF: fightkidscancer@esf.org

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