Fight Kids Cancer & St Baldrick’s Foundation Arceci Innovation Award

One million Euros awarded to Dr. Sophie Postel-Vinay

May 15th is an important milestone for FIGHT KIDS CANCER.

Dr. Sophie Postel-Vinay received the FIGHT KIDS CANCER & St. Baldrick’s Foundation Arceci Innovation Award, with a grant of €250,000/year for 4 years (€1 million in total!) at the SIOPe 5th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Oncology in Milan, Italy.

To set up this unique Innovation Award, funded by FIGHT KIDS CANCER Representatives, we joined forces with the St Baldrick’s Foundation in the United States, inspired by our common values. We both promote thinking outside the box, true innovation,excellent quality of the science,and potential for clinical impact.

We aim to support the career of young researchers to let their scientific creativity bloom and grow without constraints. We are motivated to use part of the money collected during our charity races for this award, because young patients need the best talents to accelerate research and have access to more efficient and kinder treatments.

We found a great partner in the St Baldrick’s Foundation, which administered the independent selection process and our collaboration was a clear success.

We received many excellent nominations of talented career scientists.

The Selection Committee, made up of qualified paediatric oncology research experts, had the difficult job of choosing one.

Dr. Sophie Postel-Vinay was an obvious choice: she scored excellent marks across the way!

Dr. Postel-Vinay is an MD-PhD, Associate Professor of Oncology at the University College of London Cancer Institute, and physician-scientist at Gustave Roussy. She received her MD in 2010 at the University of Paris – Descartes, and her PhD focused on DNA Repair and synthetic lethality.

She has an impressive track record of publications in top tier journals and a strong record of conducting research, which has successfully been translated into clinical trials.

She is highly collaborative and has achieved excellent international and innovative work with her career between the UK at the University College of London and France at Gustave Roussy.

She focuses on innovative therapeutics for sarcomas in children and adolescents.

We were honored to be able to present this award during SIOPe 5th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Oncology in Milan, Italy.

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Programme support and management is provided by the European Science Foundation, which is the intermediary with the funding organisations.

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